Anshul Homes – The Journey


Success is A Journey, Not A Destination

Destiny often presents itself in the most unexpected ways & times. For Rahul Singh- CMD of Anshul Homes experienced this by the over a normal snack break from work along with a dedicated group of followers.

It was a sultry August afternoon when the idea of doing things differently and something worthwhile for Bihar sunk in and was conceptualized. Anshul Homes was the chosen medium to contribute to the society in terms of providing affordable & quality housing and also generate employment. The idea was slowly taking form.

Rahul Singh and a dedicated team were convinced and confident that this was a great time and opportunity had to be created – so the venture was launched in August’2014.
Bihar has had a severe shortage of quality & affordable housing and with the objective of fulfilling and narrowing this gap, Anshul Homes took wings.

In a short span of little over 3 years, the company has dedicated itself not just to launch various residential projects, but get them on the ground also to sustain our customer confidence.
Given the constraints which have plagued Bihar- like small land holdings, time consuming acquisition process, uncertain regulatory environment, Anshul Homes has put in all its resources to ensure efficient, speedy & quality construction using quality raw material & manpower.

Since its inception, the company has progressed from not only launching but executing stand along towers, but mini townships located in New Patna region. Construction started in Feb’16 and our various projects are at different phases of construction.- Eg, H2O tower 1 is close to 50% complete, while Pearl Enclave is app. 35% complete, while for Mannat Enclave we expect to cast the 2nd slab shortly.

Mr.Rahul Singh, CMD –Anshul Homes very deeply believes in social causes which he sees as a means of contributing to the society- be it supporting youth, social causes – contributing to Swachh Bharat Campaign, Anti-liquour campaign, we have been & believe in these issues.
Besides the work culture we have imbibed, contribution to such causes made the civil society take note of our efforts & commitment to work.

Mr.Singh was awarded & decorated with the “Ambedkar Ratna Award” by Kalpana Foundation in association with the United Nations in the Young Entrepreneur Segment. Mr.Singh had the honor of being awarded by Devendra Fadnavis, Hon’ CM of Maharashtra in the presence of Governor of Maharashtra along with senior CEO’s of the industry & other government dignitaries.
Rahul Singh’s journey has humble origins when he finished his schooling in Patna and moved to Pune for graduation and subsequently his PGDMBA program. It was in Pune where got the first exposure to the world of real estate and the potential this industry holds to achieve development of any state and contribute to mass employment generation.

Today, Anshul Homes is the not only the source of livelihood for many employees but contributes to indirect employment generation through ancillary industry associated with this industry.
At Anshul Homes, as we march forward in our journey to deliver quality housing, we seek your blessings in this amazing journey!!

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